He who delights in her
As boundless spirals outward flowing – the first flowering
Finds joy beyond the skyline towards ineffable possibility
She that abides his courteous manner
Finds her heart softened by what distinguishes a prayer from a plea
Her beauty alone had brought him staggering on bended knee
As both a penitent and as a slave
It would not suffice until he is sovereign-laid
But Solitude terrified him
That looming miserable emptiness of a life
Hung like an effigy run through with a  knife
The bloody torrent of intolerable bitterness
The anguish of a great soul in which there is no altar
The kitchen sink realism leaving no room to falter
But he would not build a monument on her love alone
For he had and found it fickle and fleeting
And in his innermost fountain he was rediscovering himself for himself
And what is more: an eternal spring was stirring in early autumn
As boundless spirals inward flowing – the second flowering

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