Canto IV – Mars Concerto

Canto IV – Mars Concerto


Intense \disorder, disarray

The Fog of War everywhere but no bullets

A silent war – A cultural war, A demographic war, A war of representation and replication

Softness, Collusion, Peace

Faggots,  Jews, Niggers


“A man with no fortune, but with a name to come.”
Selva oscura

The Will brutalized into fatalistic tendencies

The old spinner spins without regard to goodness or wickedness

A mere functionary at a Job

“So that the high may become low and the low may become high.”

But not always, sometimes the low remains low and the high remains high

Metempsychosis sometimes to the seventh generation

Supine and Karmic the Myth of Er

Confucius say…

But the Will rises, cuts through, destroys, bestial remnant

Ascension, divination, retention, strangulation

A guiding principle

A compass within dark woods

Lost without our myths

Without our Gods

Without our Glory

Inclemency and wine

They will ask “Is poetry a war crime?”

Deluded liberals

Radovan’s “deaf amphorous dough”

Prating about covenants

Smug and self-satisfied

Purchases and pointless chatter

There can be no covenants between warrior-poets and the bourgeois

Only hand Grenades in the morning

And slit throats in the afternoon

Mai Tai’s and the silver spoon

Reclining into the newfangled unthinking existentialism of Positive affirmation

The lesser demons compel the condemned to smile and leisurely masturbate whilst in limbo

Bishop Danilo, brooding on the evils of Islam

Tsar Lazar

The Serbians knew

“Balkanization” inevitable

They sang to the girls while shooting their fathers:

“Beautiful Turkish daughter,/Our Monks will baptize you.”

Plato knew:

“Give me the making of a nation’s songs, and let who will make their laws.”

The Fat Jew:
Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws”

The new Colossus, a gaping hole to be filled, a void, an asshole – Promiscuous Women – “Tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free, / The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.” – Relativity…

The old Colossus, an Ideal, a warning, a robust fullness, Occidental assertion of boundaries – Righteous Men– “Saviour of cities, harnessed in bronze, strong of arm, unwearying, mighty with the spear” – Clarity of Vision.

The Thin Jew, inviting the world, slipping inside – lukewarm – eels, centipedes, vermin, slimy amorphousness

They let the Moors into Visigoth Spain


Moral dis-Order

Weimar Whores reclining in windswept palaces full of casting shadows

Bread and circuses retain the name of the footprint alone

Fleecing chivalrous conventions of bygone eras for the last of the last men

Morons! Everywhere mass retardation!

Hang the moralists! Crucify the Lord!

Gadget nerds and gay marriages, usury, sitcoms and sodomy!

Cleanse this House!

Papiols, Papiols, to the music!

Mar’s instruments – Volcanic Eruptions!

The Clarion Call, the Cornu Wail, the Standards Raised!

It beckons to all patriots –

“Death to all traitors, life everlasting to our Brethren!”

Hail Europa and despair!

Leoncio Harmr

Suggested musical accompaniment: National Anthem of Roman Empire (Instrumental)

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