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Richard Spencer. Love him or hate him, or lukewarm water him? Richard Spencer, say it in a sing-song voice to the melody of “Under Pressure.” Say it three times while looking in the mirror in a darkened room and suddenly he appears.

Indeed, Richard Spencer seems to be ubiquitous as of late; a portentous, well-mannered, troll-smiling “whyte supreeeeemacist” whose whack-a-mole publicity tour is making national headlines and whose reverberations reach into the highest offices of the land – Richard Spencer is unavoidable. And it is precisely this notoriety that will propel the Movement forwards.

Spencer is becoming the face of the AltRight, at least as it now stands. Spencer’s National Policy Institute (NPI) conferences in the bleached bones of the nation’s capital seem every year to attract more and more participants who are younger and younger, and along with that more and more opposition and media coverage.

Like “a specter haunting America,” unexpectedly the masses grow aware of the almost numinous presence emerging from the repression of racial and identity politics for European Americans who have been the target and victim group of the secularized religion of Progressivism for nearly half a century.

Of his many public engagements, his interview appearance with Roland Martin has been the most fascinating and telling. More generally and broadly the interview covered some interesting ground beyond the backdrop of ‘un-American and un-Christian’ activism.

Curiously, Roland Martin dismisses race as a “social construct” and then defined himself as “a man,” and “a Christian.” But according to Progressivism, genders are also “social constructs,” and what more is religion than a cultural construct?

There was a cotton-picking debate, along with a segment on amateur Egyptology, in which Martin effectively affirmed “we wuz kangs.” As well as an interesting bit wherein Martin failed to understand that affirmative action hiring practices are in fact discriminatory towards White men.

However, the most significant aspect of the interview was that of the the Black man lecturing the White man. This was done in two primary areas – firstly about America and secondly about Christianity. Martian lectures Spencer about what “America” is –”this is America, you don’t do that in America” (4:44), referring to the Bellamy salute (also known as the Roman or NAZI salute) that was prominently featured by the MSM after the NPI conference. BTW this absolutely has been done in America.

Of course, this sort of thing is arguing semantics. The Black man can and is in a position to lecture the White man because he is the personification of both “Americanism” and “Christianity,” in the progression of the Whig narrative of history – this was the token symbolism of “Messiah” Obama.

One wonders how engagement of this sort is anything other than moral posturing, but that it not really important. Later on in the interview Martin evokes the American secular saint Martin Luther King Jr. “Dr. King talked about it was Black people that made America live up to its ideals that it wrote on a sheet of paper…” Indeed the proposition that “All men are created equal,” was fulfilled by the ascendancy of the black man, and this is the secular religion of ‘Americanism’ as it has come to be known today.

Roland Martian then traps Spencer in a second ideological worldview by invoking Christianity to his cause. As Chesterton himself wrote, “The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult; and left untried.” Martian’s use of the notion of (capital F) Faith as revealed (capital T) Truth makes it so that one cannot argue with someone who has a monopoly on the Truth – “the Word.” Thus, Roland rebukes Spencer:s notion that historically Christians have been Identitarians (and were slaveholders etc.,) with the notion that Christians of the past “allowed their culture to inform their Faith instead of allowing their Faith to inform their culture.”

This kind of rhetorical ‘sleight of hand’ can, in the midst of a debate, bring about confusion in one’s opponent, because of the subtle play on the same words, the inversion being potentially baffling. Spencer, kowtowing to both American patriotism and Christian idealism, failed in engaging in the philosophical and ideological challenge to Martian and proceeded to play his game, arguing over the semantics of what the founding fathers actually believed, or how Christianity has historically been practiced – both are losing hands in our struggle.

Indeed, Roland Martin was masterful at framing the issues and Spencer fell into his traps by playing politics – the Alt-Right is not Christian and is not “American.” Spencer, by trying to nuance both America and Christianity, both of which move in the direction of the Whig narrative of history, lost from the onset. The Alt-Right is not Christian and it is not “American” and it is not Whig. It is a thing onto itself, to paraphrase Kant. (Is the AltRight completing the system of German Idealism?).

The lesson we can learn from this is that we must engage the enemy on our own terms, which entails a strengthening of our core ideological worldview. A Big Tent, including Identarian Christianity and civic nationalism or patriotic Americanism, will always contain the antecedents of contradiction and hypocrisy.

Nearing the end of the video, after he had gained the upper moral hand, Roland Martin slipped up by challenging Spencer in terms of open and direct warfare:

“Here’s the reality, we’re not going anywhere…you might want to train harder cause we’re training harder and we’re going to catch up.”

Herein, all Roland Martin’s moral posturing and feigned high idealism is shown for the tools of advancement for his group and other POC that they are – and nothing more.

Martin alleges:

“You’re afraid that you’re now going to have to compete, you’ve had such a head start, you’ve had an eighty yard head start in a hundred meter dash and now you’re afraid that other people are catching up, why are you so afraid?”

Direct conflict between Blacks and Whites has a distinct 
tendency to favour one side more than the other.

If Martin now openly acknowledges the factual view of the world as being one of competing groups, why would any group want to subsidize the opportunities of a competitor? Martin finishes his preaching:

“We will fight till hell freezes over and then we will fight on the ice, you better go workout because you got a fight on your hands.” 

If this is not a direct incitement to racial warfare I do not know what is. At this level of honest engagement Spencer smiles his best yacht club grin and gives his best:

“We’re going to win and, Mr. Martin, I want to tell you, you’ve got to prepare yourself, you’ve dealt with a bunch of guilt-ridden silly whites all your life and we are waking up, we are recognizing who we are and we see an amazing future, so you better get ready.”

This is our battleground, when the enemy removes the masks of Whig history and Christianity, masks that the white man gave him to wear in the first place, he is exposed for what he is, an alien amongst us, who, behind his masks of universal brotherhood and the lie of equality, hides his true face, which is one of coveting, resentment, and opportunism. Spencer succeeded in momentarily uncovering Roland Martin’s mask and for that and his organizational efforts we should be jubilant and grateful. However, there is room for ideological and strategical improvement – but in the end we will prevail – hail victory, sempre Europa!


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