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Zombie Walk Viewed from the Alt-Right

Nietzsche once wrote that all profound things wear masks, but this Halloween, and others before it, will witness the merely mundane trying not to culturally offend anyone with their choice of costume. Since the exhausting expelling of literal interpretations of monsters from the human mind, the symbolic, functional, and allegorical aspects of such creatures compel interpretation.

Karl Marx effectively used the metaphor of the vampire to explain:

“..the constant sucking of the blood of the Western working class by the bourgeois class. This form is nothing less than the horror of a property-owning class that appears to be vampire-like in its desire and ability to suck the life out of the working class.” [Neocleous, M. “The Political Economy of the Dead: Marx’s Vampires.” History of Political Thought 24 (4): p.668-684 (2003).]

There are numerous readings of the cultural phenomenon of the Zombie Walk. Some insist upon innocuous interpretation – “the just for fun” idea – but more intellectually pretentious readings inevitably move towards Leftist interpretations:

“Zombies are critical repositories of social fears and desires related to capitalist wage slavery, race, gender, and the political power of the masses, and as such, they demonstrate how representations and performances of death, in widely different forms, have served remarkably consistent functions in the United States throughout the past two centuries. This project seeks to show that the zombie, as a creature of both slave and master, both living and dead, both black and white–often positioned as that which invades the normative space of the living, a space that is generally conceived of in terms of whiteness, patriarchy, and heterosexuality.” [Kee, Chera Dezarae, “And the dead shall walk the earth: Zombies and the politics of death.” Ph.D., University of Southern California, 2011.]

All indications point towards the increasing militancy and success of the Leftist agenda against “whiteness, patriarchy and heterosexuality” – towards greater equality and a celebration of plurality in all aspects of the social order.

Correspondingly, in a global as well as local context, there exists the same trend, whether a rising Chinese middle class or the phenomenon of “second world” investment in Africa.

Multiculturalism, pluralism in sexual, racial, religious, gender etc. is not only celebrated – it is the prevailing ethos of Western Civilization. How then is Zombie Walk deriding or critiquing anything but a phantasm (farce) according to this type of reading? Leftists are essentially pretending that the cultural and social levees have not long since collapsed under the tidal wave of their nauseating righteousness.

Rather than a Leftist reading of Zombie Walk, what about the social and cultural phenomenon viewed from the Alt-Right? Even a communist like Zizek easily dispels the Leftist chimera as the quackery that it is:

“The critical claim that patriarchal ideology continues to be the hegemonic ideology, is the form of the hegemonic ideology of our times – its function is to enable us to evade the deadlock of the hedonistic permissiveness which is actually hegemonic.” (Italics added) [Žižek, Slavoj. Living in the End Times. London New York: Verso, 2011.]

Zizek is saying that Liberalism is a disease and that the infected walk amongst us.

The sustained critique of Marx’s metaphor of the capitalist vampire and the associative dehumanizing processes accompanying it, along with the passive resistance and acceptance of the capitalist social order by the increasing numbers of consumer-driven zombified proletariat, has resulted in the reinforcement of ‘false consciousness’ amongst the afflicted.

This false consciousness includes an acceptance and internalization of ruling class values, whereby the working people of the West have bought into the “cultural Marxist” agenda of the elites. In as much as the capitalist elites push globalism, the brainwashed proletariat masses support their own dispossession by adopting “tolerance,” “multiculturalism,” and “political correctness” as their operating value systems, which have been artificially fed into their brains via the acculturation of elite values from the elite owned media.

In effect, most of the Normies and default liberals you meet are little more than Zombies. Thus one would expect the phenomenon of Zombie Walk to be widely “celebrated” in the “most multicultural city in the world,” Toronto. One article states “Why Toronto is the Centre of the Zombie Universe” and, like an idiot leftist, arrives at the exact opposite conclusion:

“What Toronto does have is an awesome sense of community.”

Having lived nearly my entire life in Toronto I can attest to this being the most idiotic statement ever conceived, the use of the term “community” herein is not Tonniesian or studied or measured in any meaningful way. What the author of the article means is that Toronto completely lacks community and a sense of totality, and in the place of real community willingly substitutes a transient pseudo-community, which the participants, like their brain-dead second selves, do not even understand the true significance of.

This is an admission that these equalizing tendencies do not address the deeper issues of the prevailing social order of “capitalist wage slavery,” namely the mechanization of urbanism, the atomization of the individual, the loss of ‘organic solidarity,’ natural human interaction, and group identification, and their replacement by enforced political correctness and multiculturalism.

The zombies are expressions of the much deadened relations of political correctness and the tiresome and exhausting vampirism of the usury-based political economy. The emergence of the post-oedipal subject – the Sartrean existentialist man, the marginalized individual compelled to create his own universe, his own diffused carnivalesque freedom – is a sort of zombified subject, atomized and therefore unborn, undying, and undead, in a social context. He is fueled only by his desire for egoist satisfaction, to feed on the living, ruled over by the hollow pumpkin king.

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