Creeping Carnivalism 

The following passage, describing the failure of the New Left in the 1960s and 70s, has a lot of relevance for our own movement:

“Ironically, just when the New Left was experiencing an unprecedented wave of support, its leading organization, SDS, which claimed almost a hundred thousand members and a million supporters, was being torn asunder by internal contradictions. Chapter meetings throughout the country degenerated into ideological squabbles as the Progressive Labor party (PL), a disciplined Old Left cadre, made a power play and tried to take over the SDS. The PL people were cultural conservatives; they wore their hair short, dressed straight, mouthed Marxist dogma, and dismissed lifestyle as a peripheral concern that diverted attention from the true working-class struggle. On repeated occasions PL castigated SDS regulars for being ‘escapist’ and ‘objectively counterrevolutionary when they spoke in favor of turning on. (Quite a few SDS members would have agreed with Arthur Kleps when he said, ‘Marxism is the opiate of the unstoned classes.’) PL also criticized propaganda tactics like guerrilla theater and rock bands at rallies as ‘creeping carnivalism,’ and they even claimed that Timothy Leary was a CIA agent who pushed acid on the Movement as part of an imperialist plot.”

14344774_1038118886301906_4238863415177962480_n.pngDrugs, sex and rock and roll are not the only lasting legacy of the New Left, in fact they accomplished considerable gains in civil rights, gay rights, abortion, and gender roles – but ultimately they did not fundamentally alter society, but just removed obstacles for a greater pool of people to compete for a diminishing number of good jobs. Their social gains failed to fundamentally change society in the manner in which the Old Left and the Progressive Labor Party sought. In fact all the New Left accomplished was giving POC, woman, and gays the same social roles as white men but with special rights – a cultural Marxist confusion of egalitarian identity mixed with ‘minority privileges.’ The effects of their cultural revolution have been disastrous. Increased illegitimacy, divorce rates, single parent homes, a holocaust of abortions, children experimenting with drugs, sex, and even their genders, blacks and other POC growing ever more intolerant of their special privileged status and demanding more recognition and rights, gays parading naked down the streets in a disgusting display of ‘pride.’ The legacy offered a weird contradiction of egalitarianism and special rights, ‘some animals are more equal than others.’ As Francis Parker Yockey wrote, “Feminism liberated women from the natural dignity of their sex and turned them into inferior men.” The New Left succeeded in changing society for the worse socially by not the altering its economic base – rampant economic inequality has soared as billionaire usurers and economic parasites funded and fueled New Left cultural changes increasing the carnival and Dionysian pole of daily life. “Choice:” consumer, sexual, gender and vocation became the battle cry of their pyrrhic victories. Rather than win the war the progressive Left fought a scorched earth policy that destroyed the very economic base of society’s wealth as it celebrated its inclusion of blacks, women and gays in the parades of its own self-indulgence. More carnival floats, more transgression, more Foucault, more Marcuse, more perversion, more spectacle of equality, more women CEOs in pantsuits, etc.


While the New Left was against the centralism and authoritarianism of pre-war Left, we’ve seen that the state, though inefficient in controlling the market grows in regards to surveillance and policing exponentially. The New Left FAILED, FAILED, FAILED!

The AltRight is the New Right, what Greg Johnson calls the North American New Right. What sex, drugs and rock n roll were to the New Left, memes, 14/88 and Larping are to the AltRight.

cs5b0rvwaaamzpsMilo Yiannopoulos, is the carnival clown that is co-opting the movement, making it kosher, libertarian and irreverent. His shtick as a “race-mixing kike fag” in his own words, allows him to mock the system while changing nothing – we could add to Milo’s heterodoxy; Zionism and George W Bush supporting centrism. Milo described people attracted to the AltRight as comprising a “Young, mischievous, dissent,” movement people who like “naughty jokes, mischievous, subversion, deviance.”

There is a fine tightrope walk between serious political engagement and organization – THE WEST IS FUCKING DYING YOU STUPID CUNTS! And the ‘creeping carnivalism’ of Milo, larping and the Daily Shoah.

What is the Aristotelian golden mean? Is it to hit your and then tune into the Merchant Minute, creating a kind of insulated sub-culture in which the ‘let them eat blog’ of the former reinforces the ‘carnival laughter’ of the latter? A rotating circle-jerk of Alt-List celebrity?

How do we keep from sliding down the rabbit hole of dissidence for the LOLs that Milo seems to think the whole enterprise is meant to achieve? How do we avoid the pitfalls of the New Left yet still be able to attract those fence-sitting, shallow, attention-deficient, synthetically stimulated Last Men reared on South Park and Opie and Anthony? Do we even want them? Are the carnival lights too engaging and are those who embody the true AltRight just not entertaining enough to hold our attention?

WolveStock 2014?


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One thought on “Creeping Carnivalism 

  1. Halford Mackinder

    “the failure of the New Left in the 1960s and 70s…”

    Are you talking about the New Left that is running every social, educational, economic and political institution in the US today? How exactly does achieving total cultural hegemony amount to a “failure”? Did you think the (((New Left))) was about economics lol?

    “Drugs, sex, and rock n’ roll…did not fundamentally alter society.”

    I’m dumbfounded by this statement.

    “the New Left FAILED, FAILED, FAILED!” – Only if you fundamentally misunderstand what the (((New Left))) was trying to do: abolish white Western-Christian society through social subversion and cultural infiltration.

    Just imagine if the Alt Right had followed the terrible advice to dump memes and ironic nazism back in 2015. Can you imagine? We’d still be nowhere. I don’t how some people can keep offering the same bad advice when it has been demonstrably proved wrong over and over and over again.


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