Creeping Carnivalism 

The following passage, describing the failure of the New Left in the 1960s and 70s, has a lot of relevance for our own movement:

“Ironically, just when the New Left was experiencing an unprecedented wave of support, its leading organization, SDS, which claimed almost a hundred thousand members and a million supporters, was being torn asunder by internal contradictions. Chapter meetings throughout the country degenerated into ideological squabbles as the Progressive Labor party (PL), a disciplined Old Left cadre, made a power play and tried to take over the SDS. The PL people were cultural conservatives; they wore their hair short, dressed straight, mouthed Marxist dogma, and dismissed lifestyle as a peripheral concern that diverted attention from the true working-class struggle. On repeated occasions PL castigated SDS regulars for being ‘escapist’ and ‘objectively counterrevolutionary when they spoke in favor of turning on. (Quite a few SDS members would have agreed with Arthur Kleps when he said, ‘Marxism is the opiate of the unstoned classes.’) PL also criticized propaganda tactics like guerrilla theater and rock bands at rallies as ‘creeping carnivalism,’ and they even claimed that Timothy Leary was a CIA agent who pushed acid on the Movement as part of an imperialist plot.”

14344774_1038118886301906_4238863415177962480_n.pngDrugs, sex and rock and roll are not the only lasting legacy of the New Left, in fact they accomplished considerable gains in civil rights, gay rights, abortion, and gender roles – but ultimately they did not fundamentally alter society, but just removed obstacles for a greater pool of people to compete for a diminishing number of good jobs. Their social gains failed to fundamentally change society in the manner in which the Old Left and the Progressive Labor Party sought. In fact all the New Left accomplished was giving POC, woman, and gays the same social roles as white men but with special rights – a cultural Marxist confusion of egalitarian identity mixed with ‘minority privileges.’ The effects of their cultural revolution have been disastrous. Increased illegitimacy, divorce rates, single parent homes, a holocaust of abortions, children experimenting with drugs, sex, and even their genders, blacks and other POC growing ever more intolerant of their special privileged status and demanding more recognition and rights, gays parading naked down the streets in a disgusting display of ‘pride.’ The legacy offered a weird contradiction of egalitarianism and special rights, ‘some animals are more equal than others.’ As Francis Parker Yockey wrote, “Feminism liberated women from the natural dignity of their sex and turned them into inferior men.” The New Left succeeded in changing society for the worse socially by not the altering its economic base – rampant economic inequality has soared as billionaire usurers and economic parasites funded and fueled New Left cultural changes increasing the carnival and Dionysian pole of daily life. “Choice:” consumer, sexual, gender and vocation became the battle cry of their pyrrhic victories. Rather than win the war the progressive Left fought a scorched earth policy that destroyed the very economic base of society’s wealth as it celebrated its inclusion of blacks, women and gays in the parades of its own self-indulgence. More carnival floats, more transgression, more Foucault, more Marcuse, more perversion, more spectacle of equality, more women CEOs in pantsuits, etc.


While the New Left was against the centralism and authoritarianism of pre-war Left, we’ve seen that the state, though inefficient in controlling the market grows in regards to surveillance and policing exponentially. The New Left FAILED, FAILED, FAILED!

The AltRight is the New Right, what Greg Johnson calls the North American New Right. What sex, drugs and rock n roll were to the New Left, memes, 14/88 and Larping are to the AltRight.

cs5b0rvwaaamzpsMilo Yiannopoulos, is the carnival clown that is co-opting the movement, making it kosher, libertarian and irreverent. His shtick as a “race-mixing kike fag” in his own words, allows him to mock the system while changing nothing – we could add to Milo’s heterodoxy; Zionism and George W Bush supporting centrism. Milo described people attracted to the AltRight as comprising a “Young, mischievous, dissent,” movement people who like “naughty jokes, mischievous, subversion, deviance.”

There is a fine tightrope walk between serious political engagement and organization – THE WEST IS FUCKING DYING YOU STUPID CUNTS! And the ‘creeping carnivalism’ of Milo, larping and the Daily Shoah.

What is the Aristotelian golden mean? Is it to hit your and then tune into the Merchant Minute, creating a kind of insulated sub-culture in which the ‘let them eat blog’ of the former reinforces the ‘carnival laughter’ of the latter? A rotating circle-jerk of Alt-List celebrity?

How do we keep from sliding down the rabbit hole of dissidence for the LOLs that Milo seems to think the whole enterprise is meant to achieve? How do we avoid the pitfalls of the New Left yet still be able to attract those fence-sitting, shallow, attention-deficient, synthetically stimulated Last Men reared on South Park and Opie and Anthony? Do we even want them? Are the carnival lights too engaging and are those who embody the true AltRight just not entertaining enough to hold our attention?

WolveStock 2014?


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Google Pushing their PC Agenda

Google is at it again pushing their PC inclusive agenda down our throats.
Here’s a little game my friend showed me. Go to type in “American inventors,” notice anything unusual? Look at the horizontal row of pictures.
There you have it folk, America is not just the land of contemporary black geniuses like Kayne, Oprah and Colin Kaepernick. It is also the land of historic black inventor and innovator geniuses like George Washington Carver, the guy who brought you peanut butter, and Madam C.J. Walker who put together a company to sell blacks beauty products (Afro Sheen?) Or Garrett Morgan who worked on a chemical for hair-straightening (did he work with Walker?). To be fair in this land of black giants Google has included two paltry White inventors in the first ten images prominently displayed (although the image used of Alexander Graham Bell makes him look Black). I had to Wiki these nobody Whites who ostensibly for purposes of inclusivity and political correctness made the illustrious list of ‘American inventors’ to be prominently featured on the pictorial masthead. One of them is a guy named Thomas Edison who was the seventh person on the list, this loser invented the phonograph, the motion picture camera, the long-lasting electric light bulb, the creator of the first industrial research laboratory.
“Edison was a prolific inventor, holding 1,093 US patents in his name, as well as many patents in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. More significant than the number of Edison’s patents was the widespread impact of his inventions: electric light and power utilities, sound recording, and motion pictures all established major new industries world-wide. Edison’s inventions contributed to mass communication and, in particular, telecommunications. These included a stock ticker, a mechanical vote recorder, a battery for an electric car, electrical power, recorded music and motion pictures.
His advanced work in these fields was an outgrowth of his early career as a telegraph operator. Edison developed a system of electric-power generation and distribution[4] to homes, businesses, and factories – a crucial development in the modern industrialized world. His first power station was on Pearl Street in Manhattan, New York.[4] He has been described as America’s greatest inventor.”
Pretty generous for Google to put this cracker at number seven if you ask me.
The other White guy who affirmative action’d through to the list is someone I had heard before, because Alexander Graham Bell is given credit for the invention of the telephone. But Bell also invented the photophone, the phonograph, metal detectors, hydrofoils and hydroplanes as well as many other inventions and innovations.
Now you might be thinking what I am, these white inventions and innovations hardly have the same world changing revolutionary applications as those of Lonnie Johnson who invented the Super Soaker water gun and the other black science revolutionaries, and that it was nice and all of Google to include these token wannabe White inventors in the first ten, but it feels a bit contrived. I wonder how far they carried this politically correct charade, if Whites made up 20% of the first ten what about in the next ten (swipe to the right)?
Norbert Rillieux and Jan Ernst Matzeliger are half breeds, so we can expect their inventions and innovations to be less world defining and revolutionary as full Blacks equipped with their phenomenally Afro-centric-rational-scientific minds. Matzeliger invented a machine to help make shoes attach the upper part to the sole, nice try for a half black. While Rillieux invented something called a multiple-effect evaporator. Whatever, Oreo.In the next ten two more Whites a guy named Benjamin Franklin who apparently invented the lightning rod, bifocals and the Franklin stove amongst other crap. And somebody named Samuel Morse, who invented a single-wire telegraph and some useless code thing that like the arrogant narcissist Franklin he also named after himself. These guys are surrounded by the towering geniuses of Sarah E. Goode who invented a folding cabinet bed and Benjamin Banneker who wrote a series of commercially successful almanacs and worked on a clock amongst other black prodigies. We’ve seen how shamelessly Google has tried to include these token Whites into a list of American inventors for the sole purpose of pushing their PC agenda. Giving Whites 20% of the first twenty showcased inventors however seems a little bit overgenerous if not sinister.
Now imagine you did not know any better. Imagine you were a foreigner looking to expand your knowledge of America. What impression would this make compounded with the widespread one that American police agencies are indiscriminately murdering black males? That’s right America is the land of soaring black geniuses and their jealous white oppressors who murder them in paroxysms of envy every chance they can get thus retarding the civilizational achievements possible for the world. What the media does not tell you is that Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner were working together on a secret project and were just months away from patenting their revolutionary sun fusion generator – the Solar Kinetic Isotope Thermal Testing Light Energy Source – that would give the world free renewable energy for all eternity. But Evil Whitey stopped that utopian vision and now the world is hoodwinked and S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S. is nothing more than a dream.
 For the next game Google “White man white woman.” And then contrast with “Black man black woman.”
black man black woman   Google Search.jpeg

Introducing the Concept of “Middle Stock” into the Social-Political Discourse

Changes in immigration regulations in 1967 resulted in the adoption of a universal point system in assessing prospective immigrants, irrespective of country of origin or racial background (P.C. 1967-1616). The 1967 immigration regulations reflected Canada’s attempt to compete for skilled labour around the world, although other factors were also influencing the change of policy (Li, 1992a).

In the 1940s and 1950s, immigration to Canada was made up almost exclusively of immigrants from Europe. For example, in the post-war years from 1946 to 1953, Canada admitted slightly less than 1 million immigrants into Canada, about 96 percent of whom came from Europe; British immigrants alone accounted for 35 percent of this stream of immigration (Statistics Canada, 1965).[i]

Both sets of my grandparents immigrated to Canada in the late1940s, after the World War destroyed much of central Italy. The concept I am introducing of ‘Middle Stock’ is meant to distinguish and provide much needed nuance to those European immigrants who came before the 1967 change to the immigration policy, like my grandparents, whose descendants do not necessarily feel themselves to be either “Old Stock,” representing the founding nations of the English and French, nor as being represented or belonging to the mostly non-European “New Stock” who arrived mostly after the change in the nation’s immigration system. Like the “White Australia” policy, the pre-67 immigration system was based on the idea of place of origin and commonsense assimilation,  whereas the post-67 immigration necessitated a change in social policy to the adoption of an official policy of multiculturalism in 1971, resulted in a change in the very character of the nation, as well as demographics. This group of ‘Middle Stock,’ corresponds to Novak’s notion of PIGS, ‘an acronym for Polish, Italian, Greeks, and Slavs, with the Irish as somewhere in-between. The idea of labeling this vast group of heterogeneous European immigrants, as “Middle Stock” may include a kind of psychological dimension – “Middle Stock Syndrome” – recalling the notion of “middle child syndrome” developed by Jewish psychologist Alfred Adler.  Alder, himself a middle child, devised the theory that:

“Middle children often feel left out and invisible, a contrast from their older and younger siblings. While older children get the benefits of all of the ‘firsts’ a child accomplishes, younger children benefit from the emotional impact of being the baby of the family, often being spoiled and coddled. Middle children, however, often feel as though they have nothing special that is just ‘theirs.’”[ii]

My contention is that this psychological dimension can be suitably applied to the idea of ‘Middle Stock Canadians.’ While the ‘Old Stock’ are assured of their place as “founding nations,” codified in the British North America Act, and the ‘New Stock’ is babied by an aggressive assertion of the values of multiculturalism and policies like minority hiring practices in both private and public sector, as well as an overrepresentation in the news media, the ‘Middle Stock,’ like the middle child in a family, is left marginalized and neglected by the parent.

“Privileged” Italian immigrant workers constructing a sewer in Toronto.

Unlike ‘New Stock Canadians,’ Middle Stock often faced explicitly hostile forms of discrimination. The road for Italian ‘Middle Stock’ specifically was especially harsh, in so far as “the southern Italians, by virtue of their darker skin colouring, were at times virtually ascribed the status of a visible minority,”[iii] without any of the contemporary benefits of such stigmatization. Although the term “visible minorities” only “received official recognition in 1984 when Commissioner Rosalie S. Abella identified this group as constituting one of the four designated categories in the Royal Commission Report on Equality in Employment, in accordance with the terms of reference of the commission (Canada, Royal Commission on Equality of Employment, 1984).”[iv] One would almost except that Rosalie S. Abella, the first Jewish woman to sit on the Canadian Supreme Court bench, who coined the term ‘employment equity,’ to disadvantage white males in favor of women, visible minorities, people with disabilities and aboriginals, if one held onto a view that Jews represent a hostile elite.[v] “The introduction of the term ‘employment equity’ is no mere practice in social justice neologism but instead designates an action oriented shift from the emphasis on access called ‘equal opportunity’ and process called ‘affirmative action’ to results,”[vi] this essentially means that even woefully under qualified minorities and recent immigrants from an official visible minority background would be given preference in hiring practices in order to fill ‘race quotas.’ This kind of aggressive results based affirmative action was skillfully lampooned as absurdity as late as 1970 in a short Horatian satirical essay by Daniel Boorstin. Boorstin describes how the New Left proposes to enact the “New Equality” ensured by ‘Ethnic Proportionalism’ based on the ‘Ethnic Quotient’ and the ‘Merit Quotient,’ “which translates into mathematical symbols ‘all the satisfactions, privileges, pleasures, sufferings, and punishments enjoyed or undergone by anybody’s ancestors’ so that these historical imbalances can be redressed with scientific precision.”[vii] Of course when the time for addressing historical grievances finally arrived the ‘Ethnic Quotient’ was transformed to a racial one and ‘white ethnics’ who had real historical grievances of exploitation and discrimination, were sidelined and assimilated into the same camp of their exploiters in favor mostly of hypothetical future disadvantages of newly arriving immigrant groups with no historical beef with the nation:
“The share of visible minorities has increased among immigrants who came in the more recent decades. The 2011 NHS data showed that visible minorities accounted for 78.0% of the immigrants who arrived between 2006 and 2011, 76.7% of those who arrived in the previous five-year period and 74.8% of immigrants who arrived in the 1990s. In contrast, visible minorities made up 12.4% of immigrants who arrived before 1971. During the 1970s, this proportion more than quadrupled to 53.0% and further increased to 67.4% of those who arrived in the 1980s.”

Irish “privilege”

In effect Canada was implementing a policy which treated immigrant groups with no or little historical connection to the nation or Western Civilization more favorably than groups who paid the high cost of assimilation. This may be an example of what Charles Dickens called “telescopic philanthropy,” or what Mario Procaccino termed “limousine liberal,” to describe the insulation of elites like John Lindsay from the progressive agendas they shoved down the throats of white ethnics. Lindsay’s career incurred the wrath of ethnic unions – one time IRA member and Transport Workers Union of America leader, Michael Joseph Quill shut down subway and bus services on Lindsay’s first day as mayor.
Thus the subsequent Employment Equity Act of 1986, which would improve employment opportunity for these groups, subsequently left out Southern, Eastern and other Middle Stock Europeans, despite the real and historical disadvantages, discrimination and sacrifices they actually tackled, in favor of mostly hypothetical future disadvantages encountered by ‘New Stock Canadians,’ who had zero or very little connection to the nation. “In the 1986 census, Statistics Canada operationalized membership in a visible minority to include respondents who chose any one of ten origins in the ‘ethnic origin’ question: Black, Indo-Pakistani, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, South East Asian, Filipino, Other Pacific Islanders, West Asian and Arab, and Latin American, excluding, Argentinean and Chilean.”[viii] The conflation of Italians and other Middle Stock with a hegemonic ‘white categorization’ systematically denied historical realities and grossly misrepresents the complex group affiliations of members of these groups. Subsequently, this problematic ‘middle position’ more specific to Southern Europeans, between often being a ‘visible minority,’ but not experiencing the systemic benefits of this marginality conflated with the actual reality of the type of hard labour and discrimination they engaged in, means that their legacy in Canada is one of historic and on-going discrimination, sandwiched between both the Old and New Stock forms of systematic oppression.
“The Italian Fallen Workers’ Memorial project have documented more than 770 names to date” of Italian immigrants who died on the job. “Italian immigrants first arrived in Canada in large numbers in the late 19th century to work in mining, railway construction and other hazardous sectors. Following World War II, 500,000 more arrived to help fuel Canada’s post-war economic boom. This generation of immigrants found similar work as well as jobs in the growing construction industry as labourers and artisans.”[ix] This list of 770 dead is only partially representative of the Italian victims of work related accidents, limited to the province of Ontario and complied largely by individual effort of Marino Toppan without assistance of the Ministry of Labour or the Compensation Board because of the Privacy Act.[x]


Italian Fallen Workers’ Memorial – Empty Honours

Because of the history of ruthless exploitation of Italian and other Middle Stock labourers, interventionist social policies such as the Equity Employment Act, that discriminates against the posterity of such groups who were historically exploited and discriminated against, at times making the ultimate sacrifices for the building of the nation, even fighting and dying against their own ethnic nation during WWII in some cases, constitutes a continued legacy of discrimination against Middle Stock Canadians.

There are also marked differences between earlier waves of European immigration constituting Middle Stock compared to newer waves constituting non-European New Stock. The major contention beyond place of origin is the changes in the economy brought about by globalization within that time span. Specifically, the economy during Middle Stock waves of immigration was prospering, Canada was experiencing a post-war economic boom and immigrants were largely expected to perform specific difficult labour tasks that contributed to the economic expansion. Conversely immigrants today are coming at a time when the West is shrinking economically in relative terms to the ascendency of the rest of the world, effectively creating a situation in which competition for jobs, especially good jobs, is fierce. During this timeframe the justifications for immigration has changed from one of fulfilling specific labour needs to one of justification on the basis of itself (immigration for immigrations sake usually justified as a ‘human right,’) rather than an actual societal need. The one statistic that is often offered as the raison d’etre for mass immigration is an aging population and declining birth rates, however in a people concerned with their own self-preservation, possessing a healthy mentality and will to live, this should raise alarms regarding ethno and racial collective suicide and replacement – rather than going gently into that night. Not only has the prosperity of the West and the Anglosphere precipitously diminished in relative terms but also the nature of the economy has itself changed. From one of production (goods-producing) oriented to one of service based industries. “Gradually, the manufacturing jobs that were the economic backbone of cities in the industrial north would be replaced by service industry jobs where not even two wage earners could support a family.”[xi]
This change has been a gradual process; in 1911 about 66% of the working population was employed in the goods-producing sector and 33% in the service industry; by 1987 the ratios were reversed.[xii] According to a study conducted by the Fraser Institute these numbers are a bit off, with 70% of the working population producing services as early as 1981.[xiii] In effect the initial growth of service industries was as ancillaries to goods-producing industries, the negative implications of a service industry based economy is going to be catastrophic in the long run.
This unprecedented form of reverse discrimination compounded by the actual discrimination faced by white ethnic Middle Stock Canadians makes the absurdity of special programs like Employment Equity that much more sickening, as lower middle class white ethnics and their children would also have to foot the bill in the social costs of increased and favorable competition for their livelihoods to outside groups. These non-white economic migrants who are favored than enjoy the benefits of wages that white ethnic solidarity fought to secure. The reality, is that the nation was neither created nor sustained nor built on a foundation of peoples of diverse racial backgrounds but rather of different European groups, many of whom, the Irish and the PIGS, were ruthlessly exploited economically by a ruling class in cities that “were militantly ant-labor and instinctively repressive to the immigrants who were the basis of their wealth in the city.”[xiv] Thus the overwhelmingly vast majority of those who benefit from these discriminatory and in anti-liberal (if we mean classical liberalism rather than the progressivism it has assumed) programs have no legitimate historical grievances or connection with the nation.


Chinese Privilege

The contemporary immigration for immigration’s sake mentality is occurring due to a lack of self-preservation, nativist, nationalist, and racial sentiment, which for various reasons have been vilified as unpopular, marginal, parochial, narrow-minded, xenophobic, bigoted and perhaps the most pernicious contention is that holding these attitudes and opinions were not only unfashionable but against the tide of historical progress itself. Something is seriously amiss while countries such as China and India are growing exponentially economically, the West is rolling out the welcome mat for immigrants from these same countries and giving them and their children priority in ours.



Canada’s new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (bottom row C) poses with his cabinet after their swearing-in ceremony at Rideau Hall in Ottawa November 4, 2015. REUTERS/Chris Wattie – RTX1URF7


Trudeau’s cabinet lauded for its “diversity” has only one member who may be considered Middle Stock, Patty Hajdu, who appears to be of Hungarian background. This compared to 25 Old Stock, and six New Stock, clearly Middle Stock syndrome reflects a real neglect from the parent. Colour coded – Old Stock, Middle Stock, New Stock.

  1. FRONT ROW, from left to right: Ralph Goodale, Jody Wilson-Raybould, Stephane Dion, Chrystia Freeland, Justin Trudeau, David Johnston, John McCallum, Judy Foote, Lawrence MacAulay, Carolyn Bennett, Kent Hehr
  2. MIDDLE ROW, from left to right: Scott Brison, Marie-Claude Bibeau, Navdeep Bains, Diane Lebouthillier, Jean-Yves Duclos, MaryAnn Mihaychuk, Marc Garneau, Catherine McKenna, Bill Morneau, Mélanie Joly, Dominic LeBlanc, Jane Philpott
  3. BACK ROW, from left to right: Carla Qualtrough, Jim Carr, Kirsty Duncan, Amarjeet Sohi, Bardish Chagger, Hunter Tootoo, Patty Hajdu, Harjit S. Sajjan, Maryam Monsef




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