Cry for Argentina, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Debt-Bomb(((Part 1 and 2)))

This short series (two of two) was originally published on Radix Journal at It has since been re-edited by the author. The original was   removed from Radix due to its content, apparently the Richard Spencer AltRight is not against usury!


“Don’t cry for me Argentina, the truth I never left you, all through my wild days, my mad existence, I kept my promise, don’t keep your distance!”

– Evita on the balcony of the Casa Rosada in Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Evita.

“There are two sorts of wealth-getting, as I have said; one is a part of household management, the other is retail trade: the former necessary and honorable, while that which consists in exchange is justly censured; for it is unnatural, and a mode by which men gain from one another. The most hated sort, and with the greatest reason, is usury, which makes a gain out of money itself, and not from the natural object of it. For money was intended to be used in exchange, but not to increase at interest. And this term interest, which means the birth of money from money, is applied to the breeding of money because the offspring resembles the parent. Wherefore of any modes of getting wealth this is the most unnatural.”

–          Aristole

Argentina, along with Uruguay, are abnormalities within the mulatto stud farm that is the South American melting pot – they are two countries whose genetic makeup is estimated at 97% and 88% respectively of European descent and thus of particular importance to European Nationalists as potential safe havens. However, Argentina is also the home of some 250,000 Jews, the sixth largest concentration of the tribe in the world, many of whom are descendants of Maurice de Hirsch’s, Rothschild funded, Jewish Colonisation Association, which imported Jews from Russia to Argentina and South Africa in 1891 – both countries exploding with potential profits (Just in time for the Boer Wars) –places in which big Hebrews, like Hirsch and Rothschild, needed little Yids for their eyes and ears?

It is not difficult to conflate the current President of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner with that of the third wife of the fascist dictator Juan Peron, Isabel Perón. Isabel Peron, known as Evita, was in fact the world’s first female President. As the only two women to be head of

Evita Peron

Argentina it is as if the two occupy and give form to the same psychic image of the nation – resilient, defiant, pound, and yet oppressed and preyed upon by far away cabals. Indeed these two cultural giants fit narratively as the feminization of the Latin underdog standing up to the tyrant of international finance which pokes and prods its way into places it does not belong leaving a wake of devastation behind – not unlike the former head of the IMF, Jewish banking scion and all around scumbag Dominique-Strauss Khan’s unsolicited anal penetration of a prostitute at an ‘Eye’s Wide Shut’esque orgy. Perhaps illustrating why Dante, following Aristotle and Aquinas, placed usury and sodomy within the same circle of hell. Indeed, recently Harvard historian Niall Ferguson, called the inflationary trickle-down economist John Maynard Keynes “a childless gay man who couldn’t give his wife conjugal satisfaction and had no concern for the impact of deficits on posterity.” Interestingly the mixed economy of Keynesian economic theory allows for both private play and government intervention during recessions – not unlike the lifestyle of Keynes’ free play with young men outside the stability of his marriage, not surprisingly, now that the global economy has bust again, a resurgence of Keynesian theory in the form of stimulus packages has been issued. Why is it that so many that advocate for a free market also want free ‘anal’ love? But what does this all mean for Argentina?


Back to Kirchner, who, like Isabel Peron before her, “inherited” the Presidency of Argentina when her husband and predecessor had suddenly died. However, unlike Eva Peron, Kirchner has been re-elected and not ousted by a Western backed military coup; she has inherited a different circumstance of usurpation; a ‘soft power’ financial strong-arming that is as pernicious as the former and certainly more insidious – or as journalist Rodolfo Walsh, who was murdered by the junta which precipitated the current crisis, wrote: “the economic policy of this government, rather than a justification for its crimes, is a greater atrocity that punishes millions of human lives with its planned misery.”

Former Argentine dictator Jorge Rafael Videla, pictured here in 2010, aged 85, was army chief and president of the first of a series of military juntas that ruled the country from 1976 to 1983

Former Argentina dictator Jorge Rafael Videla

Indeed, this ‘planned misery’ goes back the to the time of Isabel Peron’s disposal and to the 1976-81 ‘civic-military’ junta which installed the Videla Dictatorship, which set the neo-liberal policies that Kirchner is battling in motion. Cristiana Fernandez de Kirchner’s administration has reopened crime proceedings against those responsible for the tens of thousands of people who disappeared in the secret prison system of the “dirty war,” and set precedence by prosecuting those in the private sector who facilitated the crimes for economic gains.


This is why of those who ‘disappeared,’ (supposedly “leftists”) a total of 31 were employees of Argentina’s national bank, and a handful were from the Central Bank which Juan Peron had nationalized exactly 30 years prior to the junta on March 24, 1946. This coup represented a virtual purging of the institutions that protected the Argentinean people from the arbitrage and foreign direct investment (FDI) schemes of what would precipitate and necessitate, what Kirchner has called the “vulture capitalists” who are sucking the nation dry today. Those, like the rich parasitic Jewish hedge fund CEO Paul Singer, who is also on the board of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs and Commentary. Singer is the main figurehead in despoiling Argentina through the implementation of the neo-liberal economic model that was installed via state terrorism in the 1970s as Eva Peron, and Juan Peron’s fascist inspired government were removed. The opening up of the country to foreign direct investment, meant saddling the nation in debt that it could not repay and then asking for outrageous interest. The latest series of which led to a payout that was a substantial gain for the private creditors, however a few held out, unsympathetically for the struggling nation woe’s and demanded the full sum of their interest payments – usury demands its pound of flesh.

When we observe the facts, that when the holdouts on the payout had to emerge from beyond the swampy, shadowy, opaque world of private investments, to claim their pound of prime triple A Argentinian flesh – it is non-other, than the usual suspects behind the scene (scheme). Paul Elliott Singer, a real New York Jew and CEO of Elliott Management Corp, who is described by Argentinian President Cristina Fernandez as a “vulture capitalist”, and whose “principal investment strategy is buying distressed debt cheaply and selling it at a profit or suing for full payment,”[1] and another tribesman Mark Brodsky of Aureilus Capital, as the principal holdouts on the restructuring of the debt. While fellow tribesman George Soros has emerged as another of the bond buyers who is suing BNY Mellon for withholding funds from the initial settlement with Argentina. Of course calling the whole thing a criminal enterprise, a form of usury that Western Civilization as old as Aristotle has long fought against. The fact that this bloodsucking will negatively impact millions of Argentinians for generations, only to enrich a handful of Jewish investors like Soros, Brodsky and Singer, is beyond the pale of Argentina’s political or economic power to contend. Not to worry, because the tribe has one of their own, Axel Kicillof, the Minister of the Economy, overseeing the whole transaction of a nation’s wealth into the pockets of some Jewish hedge fund types.Besides the Ashkenazi Jew Kicillof, Mario J. Blejer President of the Central Bank is another Argentinean-Jewish financial insider, along with Hector Timerman who is the Foreign Minister.

There are times when the world renders scenarios that perfectly elucidate a kind of comic book farce of social-political discourse that seems to comply validate and vindicate Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime’s stance upon the menace of International Jewry perfectly. In fact Aristotle’s quote about the two sorts of wealth-getting, one good and one bad, reflect perfectly in National Socialist Economist Gottfried Feder’s distinction between industrial (good) and finance (bad) capital. Plus ca change plus ca meme chose, oddly one could also point to Magnus Hirschfeld and others homosexual advocacy in Germany both before and after the Treaty of Versailles and link it to Paul Singer’s advocacy for gay rights today – it seems that Dante putting usurers and sodomites in the same ring of hell was rather perspicacious.  But, back to Singer: “Paul Singer’s Cayman Islands-based hedge fund NML Capital Limited is the principal litigant in this dispute; having paid USD49 million in the secondary market for bonds worth USD832 million by 2014.” Singer is listed on Wikipedia as a philanthropist – the tax relief must be nice – and is an ardent supporter of gay rights, his son is a sodomite, (again the linkages between usury and sodomy) and has spent over 10 million pushing Republicans to support gay marriage – economic liberalism and social liberalism are intricately linked.

In 1996 Singer bought Peru’s debt for pennies on the dollar at 11 million and threatened to bankrupt Peru if they didn’t give him 58 million, which they did. Similar circumstances turned a ten million dollar bond debt of the Congo into a staggering 127million dollars payout for Singer.

The Merchant of New York: Paul Singer

Singer also had  an Argentinean naval vessel seized by officials off the coast of Ghana by over the 2002 debt default by NML Capital Ltd, an affiliate of Elliot Management. Singer was also a top funder for Mitt Romney and the GOP and even had enough clout to get then President George W. Bush to hold a television conference to denounce workers of a distressed asbestos company he had just bought, as faking their exposure to the harsh chemicals, thereby increasing the value of the company on the market with the official approval of a White House celebrity endorsement. Make no mistake this first class piece of shit wields real power.[2]


(((Part 2)))

In the first of this series I pontificated on the connection between usury and sodomy by way of a quote from ‘he who knows, the reason for this was to show the deep Western roots against these practices which is embedded in the holistic concept of the cosmos. The cosmos is the opposite of the metaphysical principle of chaos; it is the order of the universe. Order is of course the principle metaphysical element of fascism. For the Greeks the great divide was one between ‘order’ and ‘chaos,’ Apollo and Dionysius. And to us in our struggle this is essentially the same thing, liberalism in all its guises is chaotic and Dionysian – whether in the social sphere; in the boundless pornographic miscegenation of mass immigration, multiculturalism and gay rights or in the economic sodomy of foreign direct investment of licit usury and corruption. The flux of liberalism is the opposite of the soul of the West. Perhaps when usury reigns sodomy gains?

“There is a flipside to this tradition of seeing sodomy as the enemy of the natural economy of the household: The counter-tradition of liberal economics founded by Adam Smith challenged the household model by seeing economics as rooted in the free trade of goods between households and nations. Precisely because Smith was more receptive to previously condemned or taboo economic activities like trade and manufacturing, he was also more open to sexual liberalism.

It’s no accident that in 1787 Bentham wrote a ‘Defence of Usury,’ which tried to convince Adam Smith to take a more benevolent view of the hitherto morally sanctioned economic activity. On the subject of both usury and sodomy, Bentham’s inclination was to take Smith’s liberal impulses to their logical end. Bentham was in favour of consensual adult acts (be they sexual or economic) that led to greater happiness, whether they violated pre-existing taboos or not.”[3]

In so far as the British by the time of Smith and Bentham had become Judaized is a subject best left to another more thorough study. But the connection between usury and sodomy in this regard has never been more clearly elucidated. Perhaps the merchant of Venice had a little cubby full of catamites… But we should shift our focus back to the subject matter at hand.


At the same time that the CIA was backing Pinochet’s coup in Chile in order to install the neo-liberal economic policies that the “Chicago Boys” had learnt at the knee of Milton Freidman, Argentina was targeted for a similar doom. Chile and Argentina were the dress rehearsals for the usurers of a new age. The Videla military dictatorship through their finance minister Jose Alfredo Martinez de Hoz had weakened the internal stability of Argentina’s long fought for protection from foreign direct investment and international cabals through its synthesis of left-wing socialist and right-wing nationalist traditions expressed in Peronism, which stressed autarky. De Hoz weakened Peronism by privatizing state assets and murdering his political and business rivals. Following this destabilization Argentina oscillated violently between successive military coups culminating in the foreign policy calamity of the Falklands. All-the-while the country plummeted further and further down the foreign debt tunnel – a cycle that included 700% inflationary spikes, 140% increase in foreign debt in less than a seven year period and multiple recessions.

The narrative begins in 1976 started with the coup, which installed measures imposed from Wall Street as finance minister Martinez de Hoz opened up Argentina’s markets. De Hoz who was head of steel company Acindar used his position to consolidate his wealth by murdering his business rivals and through acts of simony, he was a close friend of David Rockefeller who facilitated a Chase Manhattan an­d IMF loans of $1billion.

“Inflation was curbed and business investment was up 25% but real wages lost nearly 40% of purchasing power. High savings rates lessened the shock. Inflation revived again and Martinez de Hoz deregulated in June 1977 financial markets removing checks on banks and transferring responsibility of bad loans to the state.”

Télam Buenos Aires 27/04/2010 La Corte Suprema declaró la inconstitucionalidad del indulto que el ex presidente Carlos Menem le concedió al ex ministro de Economía de la dictadura militar José Alfredo Martínez de Hoz. Foto Archivo: Télam/cl

By making bad loans the responsibility of the state rather than the financial institutions that were involved, de Hoz was the hand that implemented the masterminded criminal theft of a nation’s wealth in the manner of the Wall Street Bailouts. De Hoz’s slogan was “too minimize the state is too maximize the nation,” funny how that turned out. De Hoz froze wages and introduced new labour laws in favor of corporations, deregulated banking, and obstacles to international trade and investment flows were eliminated and privatized national industries. “Decades of industrialization were wiped away as domestic producers, for so long protected by the state, could not cope with the flood of cheap imports.” This ushered in the era know as plata dulce (sweet money) and deme dos (give me two) in which the elite were making a killing while, “Real wages slumped by 40%, and unemployment, poverty, and child mortality, areas in which Argentina had long been an example for Latin America, all rose dramatically.” Implemented are same sorts of austerity measures being implemented in Greece and Spain by the EU. Up until his death, de Hoz denied any involvement in the kidnappings and was a remorseless defender of the dictatorship-era economic policies.


By the time the Syrian Carlos Saúl Menem was President from 1989 to 1999 the country was nearly completely devastated. Menem was a member of the social justice Justicialist Party – which is one of the Parties which claim Peronism as its predecessor, but only in name. Menem would finish the job that de Hoz and the Wall Street backed military coup had begun. Menem was to Peronism what Ronald Regan was to Conservatism – an actor playing a role. But Menem and de Hoz are particularly evil political cunts – as their criminal rap sheet of political scandals is impressive even in the corruption-filled-halls of South American politics.Menem’s furthering of neo-liberal policies pushed the nation into hyperinflation which saw the peso decrease to one/one-hundred-trillionths of its pre-inflation value.

Menem like the Videla administration whose legacy he was in effect fulfilling was shitting all over the pillars of the Peronist ideal, known as the “three flags”; social justice, economic independence, and political sovereignty. Indeed Menem, who represented the same international Cabal as the Videla junta, pardoned Martínez de Hoz from criminal prosecution, though this was annulled 16 years later when the Gutheim case was reopened by the Kirchner government.

Evita Redux


The Jewish Angle                

The Jews have had an ambivalent relationship with Argentina since Juan and Evita Peron allowed the so-called ‘rat-lines’ to be used to give amnesty to former Nazis following the war. Since being re-elected in October 2011, Kirchner has turned the tide of the nation back to its traditions of Peronist principles. “She has tightened currency controls to stem capital flight that intensified after she seized a majority stake in oil company YPF SA last year from Spain’s Repsol SA. She’s also challenging a U.S. court order to pay $1.3 billion to defaulted bondholders who didn’t partake in restructurings in 2005 and 2010.” Kirchner is blatantly defying the international usury cabal; in 2007 her late husband fired the statisticians at INDEC (the Argentine Bureau of Statistics) and replaced them with his own cronies. This was done in an attempt to keep inflation rates low. “The gap between the official and private inflation rates has enabled the country to save about $6.8 billion since 2007 on debt payments, according to Buenos Aires-based research firm ACM Consultores.” This caused the IMF to threated the beleaguered nation with sanctions and the threat of losing its G20 status.[4]

Jewish relations in Argentina are much the same the world over wherever the tribe dwells, although I have been told by Argentinians that the assimilation there was more complete than in other nations – but I find this to be a naïve simplification.

That the international financers are ‘putting the screws’ to Argentina and that this has resulted in allegations of anti-Semitism in the ruling party and instances of Jew baiting by populists on the streets. A Jewish source had this to say about a recent speech of President Kirchner to the UN:

“Kirchner appeared to draw a link between Jewish opposition to Argentina’s cooperation with Iran on the AMIA bombing, the “vulture funds” – commonly known as hold-out funds – that her country owes money to, and Israel’s Gaza war, in her speech at the General Assembly. She devoted a large portion of her speech to the need to confront “economic terrorists” like the hold-out funds.”

Over two decades ago the Israeli embassy in Buenos Ares was bombed, two years later, in 1994; the AMIA bombing happened in Buenos Ares, killing 85 people, mostly Jews. Disgraced former neoliberal President Menem was named by Judge Galeano in the investigation as accepting a 10 million dollar payment from Tehran or Syria to block the investigation into the 1994 bombing of the Argentine Jewish Mutual Association (AMIA).[5] This is the same charge that was being leveled against Cristina Kirchner when the Special Prosecutor Alberto Nisman, who is a Jew, was investigating the bombing and found murdered in his apartment. Nisman allegedly was filing a 24 page report naming President Kirchner as carrying over Menem’s cover-up (initially reported for Syria but later changed to Iran) for an energy-food trade agreement between the nations. Nisman, probably working for Singer and Jewish tribal interests was looking for an angle to blackmail the President and was going to lobby for her arrest and/or probable political resignation – to be replaced by a government that would be more acquiescent to the usurers. The journalist that broke the Nisman story, Damian Pachter who is also Jewish, has fled the country to Israel after receiving numerous death threats. The prosecutor who is now investigating Nisman’s execution style murder, Viviana Fein, is also Jewish. The death of Nisman has sparked Jewish led protests across the nation; the protestors hold placards that read “Yo soy Nisman,” and “Justicia.” That Argentina is at war with the Jews, is just a slightly hyperbolic statement only if we take war in the literal sense instead of von Clausewitz’s “war is politics extended” and especially Foucault’s reversal “politics is war continued by other means.” That vulture capitalist Paul Singer might be colluding in an alliance with boarder Jewish interests is almost certain – for what is Jewish power without the purse?

Kirchner had also irked the Jews through close cooperation with Iran supporting both their nuclear project and inviting them to help in the investigation of the AMIA bombing, whose culpability for the Jews was a foregone conclusion. Israel and the US objected to meeting between Argentina and Iran and the bilateral agreement. By allying itself to countries like Iran and Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela, especially Chavez’s Bank of the South initiative, along with Brazil all three countries had vowed to never borrow from the IMF again, Argentina is complicit in forming a second tier BRIC – how could they not when even U.S. courts are enforcing the licit corruption which has crippled the nation and left their children starving.  And while Kirchner has alluded to an international cabal, Jewish newspapers are frothing at the mouth in calling her an anti-Semite and a “populist.”

While during the Videla military junta the Israeli Ambassador to Buenos Aiers Ram Nirgad declared that “since the military junta came to power there has been an improvement in the relations between Israel and Argentina.”[6] 30% of Israeli arms exports went to Argentina and the military training of Argentinean troops; all this while Jews claimed that Videla was murdering Jewish far-leftists. Marcel Zohar in his book “Let My People go to Perdition: Betrayal in Blue and White,” documents the cases where Jews who were persecuted where denied visas to Israel by Israel because they were too left-wing. The most famous Jewish prisoner was journalist Jacob Timerman who is the father of the current Foreign Minister, who was a far-left Montoneros, but interestingly got asylum in Israel regardless. If anything the Jews certainty got special treatment by being allowed to leave.

Youth Movement

La Campora Youth Movement is named after former left-wing Peronist president Hector Jose Campora, who abdicated to Peron in 1973. Many that comprise La Campora are the children of the radical left Peronist group the Montoneros. It is currently headed by Kirchner’s son Maximo Kirchner. The Ezeiza massacre which took place on June 20, 1973 with the return of Juan Peron from exile in Franco’s Spain provoked a clash of forces which resulted in the definitive split between the left and right wing Peronists fractions – it is the roughly the equivalent of the ‘Night of the Long Knives’ in ideological terms – as the far-leftist were purged. Like Italian Fascism and German National Socialism, Peronism is the third way, between the extremities of communism and capitalism, neither right nor left, but a synthesis comprising elements of both – with its goals of nationalism of key utilities, national sovereignty,  autarky and assuagement of class antagonism. La Campora, the populist youth Party which Kirchner’s son leads has adopted the Golden Dawn strategy of going directly to the poor and offering aid.

Popular Youth Movement La Campora


While the Jewish press opines the reductio ad hiterlum about Kirchner, while Kirchner herself is quick to level the claim of Nazism back when she criticized a major paper for focusing on her Minister of Finance’s Jewish background, what she is doing is using their weapons against them. Her Youth Party has been compared to the Hitler Youth, and while it has many Jewish members, some of whom may be sincere ideologues, the Kirchner government knows the score.


[1] Sheehan, Michael (November 15, 2011). “Vulture funds – the key players”. The Guardian (London).




[5] While Menem denied the original claim he confessed to having a secret Swiss Bank account over allegations of bribery with the multinational technology company Siemens – revealing only a trifle of his dirty laundry.



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